Iphone Se 2020 review-for photography

The IPhone se 2020 was my first "camera" that I took photos with. It has a good camera as well as everything that a regular IPhone has. If you use this phone for photography reasons you will want to get an app that lets you edit your photos. The one thing that a lot of people don't like about the IPhone is that there's no regular earbud plugin instead you have to get a adapter for that or you have to use the kind that has the charging end instead. That not a big deal tho because a lot of people are using bluetooth headphones these days. it is basically a iphone 11 only smaller. the reason that they do not have the earbud plugin takes in water and there trying to make this phone as water proof as they can.

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i had a idea the other day about doing MTB photography. No no not like product but like you ride out with your camera bag and take [photos off the trails where you cant get a car. what do you all thin